It’s 8 AM on a Sunday morning do you know how to shut off your water?

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You hear a whooshing sound. You look to find what’s causing it. You open a closet door – water is gushing from the wall.

If you had to shut your main water supply off, do you know how to do it?

Every year homeowners experience millions of dollars in unneeded damage because they don’t know how to turn off their water supply.

Some homes have an accessible valve in the cellar or crawl space. But what if you live in a condo, or an apartment? What if you are renting a home?

Learn where the shut-off valve is and what you need to shut it off.

There is usually a shut off near your water meter. This valve usually requires a tool called a spanner key or a wrench to open and close. It is important to open and close this valve slowly. Opening a main valve too quickly can allow pressure to damage pipes and connections. The temptation is to close or open the valve quickly. Don’t. Go very slowly.

Norm, a friend of mine, opened his main too fast. He ended up spilling thousands of gallons of water before he got his next water bill. Then the fun began, trying to find out where the leak was. All the gadgets and gizmos couldn’t tell him. He ended up replacing his main line, all 90 feet of it. When you open and close that main valve, go slow.

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