What’s the source of the clog?

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It’s important to know where the clog is.

It’s important to know where the clog is.

Clogs can happen at the drain, in the house plumbing or in the sewer pipe. It’s easy to think it’s at the drain and attempt to fix it yourself with a plunger and drain cleaner. Not clearing? It’s time to let a professional handle it.

If the clog occurs past the drain, it’s best to call a plumber and let them use equipment designed to reach the clog and get the system flowing safely.

Roots from shrubs and trees work themselves into sewer pipes. The rough edges in pipes can snag things like wipes and sanitary products. Years of grease can build up on the walls of the pipe reducing the flow to where even small items can cause a clog. Years ago, homeowners never knew there was a problem until disaster hit. Today, most plumbers can scope your entire system with a camera and identify and eliminate problems before they become clogs.

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