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Seven Plumbing Tips that Can Save You Time and Money

1. Know where to shut off the main water supply to your home.

  • The main water supply is usually at the water meter.
  • Know how to remove cover and use a key to turn valve.
  • Always turn this valve very slowly when opening or closing. Opening it too quickly may damage plumbing connections.

2. Have a “Key” and put it where it is easy to find.

  • Find a key at your local hardware store.
  • Always keep one for the main shut off, and one for the irrigation system. Store them where you can find them quickly.

3. Know how to turn off your outside water for hoses and irrigation, and cover.

  • Cold weather can arrive suddenly. Make sure everyone in your home knows how to shut off outside lines.
  • Have insulated covers on hand. Stores are often sold out when cold weather hits.

4. Test supply line shut off valves for sinks and toilets twice a year.

  • Shut off valves can seize up from lack of use.
  • Gently turn clockwise to close.
  • Open all the way and then close a quarter turn to keep valve stem free.

5. Watch for forecasted freezes.

  • “Maybe it won’t be bad” is not a good approach.
  • Save yourself time and money by anticipating cold weather early in the season.
  • If a pipe freezes once there is a good chance it will freeze again. Insulate those pipes now.
  • While we’re thinking cold, remember to keep outside drains and gutters free from debris.
  • Putting off these simple cold weather tasks can cost you thousands of dollars.

6. Avoid letting drips, drip.

  • You see them every day.
  • Every day they are costing you money and wasting energy.
  • If you can’t fix them yourself, “Just let Fullman Fix it!”

7. Check your home’s crawl space at least twice a year.

  • Sure it’s a pain, and sometimes dirty and dusty. But it’s worth the time and effort. Gravity can often send water from a leak straight down the outside of a pipe and into the crawl space.

Life’s Little Plumbing Emergencies

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Main Water Supply Shut Off Valve
Main Water Supply Shut Off Valve