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Testimonials and Experiences

I was impressed with Jon and his crew. They did an excellent job
 of laying out the units and installing the supports. I’m confident that they will finish the job as strong as they have started.

-Dave Howe

Thanks to Nick, Eric & Scott for being so prompt on finding and repairing the emergency mysterious water leak.  Kudos and a BIG thank you!

-Bruce Fackler – Care Center East

I wanted to show my appreciation for the incredible service and appreciation to your entire crew responsible for completing the gas-piping project here at the Justice Center. Your crew worked long hours to complete the work, get it tested and restore the natural gas service to this facility. As always, your crew’s dedication and willingness to keep at it until completion is greatly admired and appreciated. Not to mention the quality of workmanship we get on each and every job you perform for the County. I want to thank specifically Nick for his professionalism, customer service skills and knowledge our systems; which all contributed to the success of this project.

-Mark Gustafson – Justice Center Property/Condominium Manager