The Fullman Story

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More Than 100 Years of Local Service

When the Fullman family opened their plumbing service business in 1906, they went door to door calling on their neighbors in Southwest Portland. With a smile, a handshake and great service, the family-owned business earned the reputation as the go-to plumber in neighborhoods all over town.

Today – over 100 years later – homeowners like you can still say, “Just Let Fullman Fix It!” Because they know we’ll do it right the first time, every time.

We live in the Portland area and raise our kids here. We support local events, sports teams and our communities. And like the founding Fullmans, we’re still helping homeowners fix those leaky thingy whatsis and all those spurty clunkits.

And we are still a family owned business as part of Portland Mechanical Contractors. Whatever your plumbing project, “Just Let Fullman Fix It!”


Zealously Neat, Clean and On-Time

Your Fullman Service technician can help you solve life’s little plumbing emergencies, heating, air conditioning or larger projects. We understand it’s your home, so when we’re done working, you’ll find everything neat and clean, like we were never there. If we fail, call us. We’ll return and make it right.

Your time is valuable. Call for an appointment and our dispatcher will give you a window of time that fits your schedule. You don’t have to sit around and wait though. Our technician will call or text you at least 30 minutes before arriving with your scheduled appointment time. You can get on with your day, and be there when our technician arrives. Plus, for your peace of mind, you receive a Fullman Certified ID with the technician’s picture.